Edition: First Edition, 2017
Available in: Paperback, Kindle

The Watchman’s Children

Obsession is a madman’s coat of many colors….

“In the early days, I suppose my father’s madness was just a young punk, jabbing at shadows, pumping iron, waiting on a ticket to the fight of his life”

Murder and intrigue in south Texas; a newspaper editor arrived from the east to save the yawning readership of a sleepy town; a family enslaved by an obsession grand enough to destroy them all.

1980: A tired weekly newspaper in a south Texas town dozes obligingly while a plotting county judge, mayor and police chief scheme to put an entire Hispanic community under the waters of a lake that will make them rich.

Editor William Benjamin, spouse to the yet undaunted Sheila and sire to five beautiful offspring, finds his life’s mission in the newspaper.

A town goes into shock; treacherous men plan violence; in the Benjamin family, obsession creeps like evil. A madman’s children fight fire with fire.