Edition: First Edition, 2014
Available in: Kindle, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1497341890

Resistance Music

When secrets kill….

“Mikele, tell me.” Sancia clutched the housekeeper’s hands.

“Sancia.” The sharpness in Mikele’s voice surprised her. “Leave this alone, hija.”

“Mikele, please, I have to know.”

“It’s Danel’s doing.” Mikele’s words were bitter. “He used her. She loved him…. So she helped him… and his thugs.”

“Thugs? Who?”

“Euskadi Ta Askatasuna.”

“ETA? But… they’re violent. They’re… terrorists, no?”

Mikele shrugged. “I don’t know what they are, hija. There are good and bad, maybe. But it’s a bad business and you must leave it alone.”

Her parents were movie stars with secrets, her sister a rock star with bad connections. What they knew got them killed. It might kill her, too.

Sancia Loyola de Bastida, 34-year-old concert violinist, raised between Spain’s Basque Country and Manhattan, knows nothing of the terrorist group known as Eta, neither its origins nor activities. She knows nothing of her connections to it and worse, much less than she thinks she knows about her family.

When her fiery, famous sister is reported dead under dubious circumstances, Sancia knows the truth is being hidden. What she learns will cast her loose in a wilderness of uncertainty—who exactly was this younger sibling she adored? What secrets did the family castle hide, perched on its cliff above the Bay of Biscay in the heart of Basque Country? What had been the real cause of the car wreck that killed her parents on the coast road that long-ago dark night?

Like the ancient tunnels beneath the castle, a one-time playground for carefree girls that now hold secrets of their own, her inquiries lead her deeper into a time when Spain withered under the rule of a despot, when resistance was honorable, submission unthinkable.

It’s a journey Sancia cannot retrace, a fated leap into the bloody arena of those whose obsession makes them murderous and their hunters, whose zealotry makes them savage. Here she must place her trust in those who could betray her in the cruelest ways: Can Ryan Everly, the journalist chasing the story of his life, really put Sancia’s interests first when she reveals secrets that could get her killed? Will Kate Guthrie, the Texas-born commando recruited by international terrorist hunters break her orders to save her?

When at last Sancia knows the truth, where will she make her final stand? Who at last can be trusted and can she survive the treachery of those who would destroy her? At what price?