Edition: First Edition, 2014
Available in: Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 978-1500800086

Crazy Old Horses

There’s a lot to love on this hard earth if that’s what you’re determined to do

“I kept that vision of her, just at that instant, right before she kissed me, for a long time. Kept it hanging over the mantle in the great room of my heart, out-shining everything else light and dark, brightening the room, blazing my path through nights where I lost my way, through storms nobody oughta have to get through. Kept it there until I couldn’t anymore.”

Those early dreams, they’re the big ones, early heartbreak the worst. Still, with a little backbone put into him young, a man stands a chance even when, like a bad horse, life throws him in the dirt and stomps him. With time and some luck, he’ll be up slapping his hat and setting it back where it belongs. A few kicks in the gut and even a dumb cowboy might learn something useful, like when to pass on a horse that won’t be rode or when to close his heart on a love gone bad.